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16x20 Frame

16x20 Frame

The 16x20 is a beautiful option if you are wanting to preserve more of your bouquet to closely resemble your fresh bouquet. Have questions about the style, orientation or upgrades? Keep scrolling!

Note that all pressed flower frames come with 99% UV protection glass!


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  • Museum Glass

    Museum glass is the highest quality you can get to go over artwork and is such an amazing addition to your preserved flowers.

  • Calligraphy

    Calligraphy is the perfect personal touch to add your frame and it is customizable to say anything you would like!

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  • Bouquet Style

    Classic bouquet style is the perfect choice if you want your frame to closely resemble the look of your bouquet!

  • Meadow Style

    Meadow style is a beautiful, unique way to showcase your blooms. It gives the look of a meadow full of flowers and works best with wild flowers, smaller flowers & stems.

  • Floating Style

    Floating style is just what it sounds like! Your flowers & greenery floating through the frame in an elegant way.

  • Horizontal Orientation

  • Vertical Orientation

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Important things to note:

  • Overnighting your flowers after your event date is crucial because we can only work with them if they are fresh! It is so worth it and necessary to overnight them.

  • We accept orders up to 5 days after your event date if your flowers are still looking good and fresh. Send us an email with a photo of your bouquet if you are unsure. See our shipping instructions page for shipping info.

  • If local, you will need to email after booking to coordinate a drop off time for your flowers. 

  • Flowers may change color during the pressing process and will have fading over the years.

  • The current turnaround time is roughly 3-6 months.

  • Not all flowers can be pressed. Review our FAQ for more details and email us if you have specific questions on what can or can't be pressed!

  • You must read ALL of our Terms + Conditions and agree to them before checking out and booking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you press my flowers if I am not local?

Yes! I love my out of state customers and work with anyone in the US. Please refer to the shipping instructions page for all the details on how to do this! You will be required to cover all overnight shipping costs.

How does the process work?

I take your bouquet, press it and arrange it in a beautiful frame of your choice. Pressing flowers is an art that has taken hours of trial and error to fine tune my skills. You only have one chance to keep your wedding bouquet forever and I am here to make that dream a reality!

What can't be pressed?

I am able to press most all flowers! However, there are some elements that don't work for pressing. To name a few: large billy balls, pincushion protea, pinecones, cactus and more may not be pressable due to thickness or moisture level. Dried flowers and artificial flowers can’t be pressed. No pendants can be pressed or included in the frame. Please email me if you have any other questions about what can or can’t be pressed!

Do flowers change when they are pressed?

Yes! Every flower is unqiue and I love that. No two kinds of flowers will turn out exactly the same as the other. Flowers can change shape, size and color during the pressing process and will fade during their lifetime. Keep your frame out of direct sunlight for best results. 

When should I book?

As soon as you know floral preservation is something you would like to do, I recommend getting booked! I am a one woman show and don’t want you to miss out on getting your special memories preserved forever.

What if I have flowers that are already dry? Can you work with them?

Dried flowers can’t be pressed due to the fact that they would crumble with pressure. I offer recreations of bouquets depending on if I am able to purchase those specific flowers at the time.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is currently 3-6 months for your bouquet to be pressed, dried and arranged in a beautiful way. On occasion, it may take more or less time than that. This does not include the time to ship the frame back to you if you are out of state. This timeline is necessary to ensure the flowers are completely dry and in the best condition for your special keepsake as well as given the time and attention they need when framing to create a beautiful work of art! I want to give attention to each flower and frame and not rush anything. Can’t wait for you to receive your frame!

Do you do more than just bridal bouquets?

Absolutely! I will preserve flowers from ANY event for you! Whether it is a wedding, special flowers from a funeral, a babies blessing day, bridal/baby shower and more, I am your girl.

How soon do you need the flowers?

Overnighting your flowers to me is critical and necessary to get the best results and for me to be able to work with your flowers. If you get married on a Saturday, you can wait until Monday since shipping stores are closed on Sundays. I accept pressed flower bookings up to 5 days after your event date IF the flowers are still looking good. Just remember, flowers are ONLY pressable if they are fresh. The fresher they are, the better they will turn out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

I am so happy with how my frame turned out! I love that I can keep my bouquet forever & looking at the frame brings me back to our special day! Camry was so easy to work with and kept me up to date on everything! The frame came wrapped & everything was perfect! I recommend her to everyone wanting to preserve their flowers! I am so grateful I found her & was able to preserve my bouquet! 💗

Tess Majors
Worth it!!

Camry gave me the most perfect gift/reminder of my wedding day with my framed bouquet. The colors and florals are so perfectly preserved and positioned. It brings an extra dose of happiness every time I see it framed on my wall. I also love all her frame options and the gold antique one I chose is so perfect and amazing quality. She ships/delivers them with such care as to not harm the frame in any travel situations. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work and time she put into my frame.

Alexis Cambronero

You will not regret it!! I cried when I received my frames, yes I ordered 2 and I am glad I did because I loved my florals so much and it was an investment for florals I knew I needed to invest in being able to look at them and admire them forever! It’s actually one of the first vendors I booked when I got engaged! Camry did justice to my flowers and it is such a special gift. It brought back so many wonderful memories and feelings from my wedding day. Receiving it a few months later just makes it the memory and gift that much more special!

Savannah Lawson
A True Treasure

I am so blown away with the quality and beauty of my boquet. I knew when I got engaged that my flowers were very important to me. You preserved them so perfectly that they are a lasting memory that I will treasure forever.

Kenzie Jorgensen
10/10 would recommend!!

Camry did a phenomenal job with my wedding bouquet! I didn’t really know about floral preservation until just a few years ago, but loved the idea of having one for my future wedding bouquet. I’m so glad I decided to do this!! Camry knocked it out of the park and I’m so happy with how it turned out! She also made the cutest 5x7 frame (still from my wedding bouquet flowers) that I was able to give my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. It was so special and something my mom and I will cherish forever! Weddings can be crazy and stressful, but Camry made this process so easy and seamless.