Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions/Purchase Agreement

By choosing to pay, check out & book, you understand and are agreeing to all of the following:


Mailing the flowers 

The Pressed Flower Co. has drop off locations in Farmington, New Mexico and Mapleton, UT. If you are not located in either of those places, overnighting the flowers is crucial and required for optimal floral preservation results. If your wedding is on a weekend and UPS or other mailing stores are closed the next day, it is okay to wait until Monday to overnight the flowers. Keep them in a cool room in fresh water until sending. 

We cannot control what happens with the flowers once they have been sent in the mail. Weather, the way they are handled, and shipping delays are all things that could potentially affect the floral arrangement. If you followed all shipping instructions and overnighted the bouquet and The Pressed Flower Co. gets the flowers and deems them non-workable for any reason, you will be fully refunded for the cost of the frame selected. If you did not overnight the flowers and/or did not follow instructions and the flowers aren't workable, you will not be refunded. 
On some occasions, The Pressed Flower Co. may be able to get replacement flowers if yours were not press-able. This is dependent on if we have access to those type of flowers at that specific time. If this is arranged and you agree, you are responsible for the cost of new flowers. We will reach out if this is the case to give you your options. 

Any pendants, ribbon, etc. will not be included in the frame and will be thrown away by The Pressed Flower Co. if sent with your bouquet. You are required to remove these from the bouquet prior to sending if you want to keep them. We are not responsible for any personal items included in the mail with the flowers. 

Location, Delivery & Pickup

If you are near Utah/Salt Lake County or Farmington, New Mexico, you are responsible for dropping off your arrangement to The Pressed Flower Co. at the address emailed to you after booking. You will need to schedule a time with us through email (camry@thepressedflowerco.com). Do not just show up at the location without scheduling a time or there may not be someone there to receive your flowers. You are also responsible to pick up your completed frame. 

If out of state, you are responsible for overnight shipping your floral arrangement to The Pressed Flower Co. You should plan on paying roughly anywhere from $100-$400 for overnight shipping the flowers depending on the rates in your area and the weight of the package. This is an estimate and we encourage you calling your local shipping location and giving them our zip-code of 87401 to get a more accurate estimate. Overnight shipping is required to get the flowers to The Pressed Flower Co. in the best possible condition, so they can be preserved.


Floral Preservation is a intricate process and to be done right, can take anywhere from 3-6 months to be completed. This is a rough estimate and it may take less more more time than that due to the certain flowers and the time they need as well as how many orders The Pressed Flower Co. has at that time, depending on the time of year. This does not include the time it takes for the frame to be shipped back to you if out of state. The Pressed Flower Co. will reach out when your frame is completed. 

Fees & Payment

Full payment for your selected frame(s) is due at the time of booking. Your date is not secure or scheduled until you have paid in full and checked out through the website. We accept credit cards as well as offer Shop Pay if you prefer to pay in installments.

You are fully responsible for covering all shipping charges. This includes the shipping charges of the fresh flowers to The Pressed Flower Co. That is a separate cost that you will pay to the store you choose to ship through. You are also responsible for the shipping and handling charges to cover us sending the finished product back to you. The rate for shipping the frame back will be calculated and added on at checkout. No refunds for shipping will be given for any reason.

Artistic Release

Your bouquet will be preserved in the condition it was received. If some flowers are already wilting, drying or browning, they may not be used.

The Pressed Flower Co. will consider your requests when it comes to the style of your frame, but will not send a photo for approval before finishing the frame and ultimately will use their artistic judgment for what looks best when creating your frame. The Pressed Flower Co. has a unique style and vision, with an evolving technique and may not strictly follow your requests. 

Dissatisfaction with the artist's ability is not a valid reason for termination of this agreement or request of any money returned. The Pressed Flower Co. has the creative liberty to press and frame the flowers in a way that they feel looks best.
Flowers can change their color and shape during the pressing process. For example, white flowers press and fade overtime to a more tan/cream/yellow color giving them a beautiful, vintage look. 

Not ALL flowers will always be used in your frame. Certain flowers cannot be pressed and not all flowers will always fit in your frame. The Pressed Flower Co. is not required to send any extra flowers back to you.

Artificial or already dried flowers cannot be pressed.

Cancellations, Refunds & Rescheduling

The Pressed Flower Co. does not accept cancellations and NO refunds will be given if you decide not to have your flowers pressed after booking.

When you pay and book, you are committing to having your flowers preserved by The Pressed Flower Co. and are taking a spot on the schedule for that day. We are committing to preserve your flowers that day as well. 

The Pressed Flower Co. wraps frames very carefully to keep them safe, but is not liable if damages occur because of the way the package was handled during shipping. If your frame is damaged upon arrival, if you send a photo of the damages & packaging within 24 hours of receiving your frame to camry@thepressedflowerco.com with proof of the damages and we will do what we can to work with you to find a resolution. 

Once your frame is in your hands, The Pressed Flower Co. is not responsible for it or what happens to it. No refunds or changes will be made.

If your wedding date changes, please let The Pressed Flower Co. know at least 1 month before your original date so accommodations can be made. If the new date is open on the schedule, you will be rescheduled at no extra cost to you. If it is not open, you will receive a refund of your original order price minus the cost of the frame which was already purchased.