How it Works

How it Works

Have you ever bought, been given, or had beautiful flowers at an event and wished they wouldn’t die? My mom's classic phrase growing up was “flowers are so beautiful, but they aren’t worth buying because they just die!” Well, The Pressed Flower Co is here to take that problem away! 


Whether your sweetheart gave you some beautiful blooms for your anniversary, you got married, lost a loved one and have memorial flowers, or just want a timeless piece of floral art hanging on your wall.. This is the place for you! 


Flowers hold so many special memories and meaning and we don’t want you to have to just throw them away. The Pressed Flower Co is here to help you preserve those beautiful flowers for a lifetime. 


All you have to do is pick your frame size on our website, book your event date, send or bring us your flowers and we will do the rest. It really is that easy!


Once we receive your flowers they are treated with love and care as we put them through the pressing process. The flowers are placed in handmade wooden presses where they stay for weeks while the moisture is completely removed and they are pressed to be paper thin. From there, we arrange them to resemble your bouquet in a float frame that you can hang on your wall and admire for years to come. You can expect the whole process to take roughly 3-6 months. We will reach out when we are getting ready to ship out your completed frame. 


We also offer bouquet re-creations as well as custom art pieces for your home made out of flowers you love that we can source locally.


Can’t wait to work with your special flowers and help your memories live on. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. Talk to you soon!

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